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Rubbers for all types of vehicles

  • Truck's general
  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Heavy machinery
  • Pick ups
  • Passenger vehicles in general
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Industrial Machinery

Special custom rubber

Some pieces of rubber, after some time, stop being produced, leaving us no option to maintain these machines, vehicles, tools, etc., thinking about the solution we develop a trained team that, modesty aside, we always meet the need of our customers with spare parts, high quality and durability.

To do this just send us the play, detailed photos, or industrial design, an analysis of this material, and then we set the deadline for delivery, for more details, click
here and fill out the contact form, we will be happy to send you the answer as soon as possible.

We send the parts by air, postal, air with payment by deposit account, or boleto.

- We accept all credit cards -

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