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In the company called RB RECICLAGEM - LTDA, under the assumed name RECIBORRACHAS, located at Av E. Emiliano Macieira No. 12, KM 12, Bairro Pedrinhas - CEP 65095-603 - Sao Luis - MA, Brazil, has an operating license issued by EMS (Department of Environment and Natural Resources), and is amply qualified, equipped and authorized to trade, remanufactured, gathering, and final disposal of unserviceable materials, namely:

- Tires of any kind and size.
- Rubber, Borrachões, Inner Tubes used.
- Paper, Cardboard, Boxes
- Petroleum (oil, grease, asphalt)

We are able to provide DDFI (Declaration of Final Destination unserviceable) for companies which deliver our services.

Modern equipment and trained manpower in a company with 15 years of market

RB Reciclagem LTDA ME - Nome de fantasia RECIBORRACHAS - 2010 Todos os direitos adssolucoes2010@hotmail.comreservados. |

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